Wayword token layout, poster and cover design

Waywords cover
Waywords poster

Players go head to head to score points by finding and creating the best words from the letter tiles. WayWord is not just a standard word building game. Attempt to out maneuver your opponents and use the special tiles to gain the advantage. Make use of your pawn to block other players from creating words. Optional rules and the unique game play also allow for sentences and phrases to be completed and scored for points.

WayWord is great for friends, family game time and educators.

I designed the tokens, box, and poster for the upcoming Wayword game for Battle Bunker Games.

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Please Stand By layout

Please Stand By cover

Please Stand By sample page

The dead have risen. They walk the earth in countless numbers, searching for only one thing, living flesh! No one expected this, no one saw this coming, some blame science, some blame religion, whatever the reason they are here to stay. The last hope of the human race is the living, those now being mercilessly hunted. No longer at the top of the food chain, can the human race survive?

That is the premise of this zombie-skirmish tabletop wargame from Battle Bunker Games. I designed the cover layout, along with the interior pages.

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S.A.G.E Tri-Fold brochure

I designed this tri-fold brochure for the Department of Epidemiology at Case Wester Reserve University. The brochures main goal was to highlight the new features in the S.A.G.E. software, which deals with statistical dna analysis.

The brochure is 8.5″x11″, tri-folded, full color on both sides, with full bleeds.

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Mighty Armies:Ancients – April 2008

Mighty Armies:AncientsRebel Minis recently purchased the Mighty Armies tabletop war game system from another company, and is currently making updates to the rules. One of the first products to come out is the Mighty Armies:Ancients rules, which detail combat between historical armies like the Egyptians or the Greeks.

I was contacted by the company to do the new layout for the rules, and was given all of the rules text and photographs of miniatures. After some research, I also located several public domain etchings that had a historical/ancient feel, and I incorporated them into the overall design.

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