Game Design

I’ve been designing tabletop games for several years, and have 1 published game and several more designs that are seeking publishers.

Signed/Published Games

Pitch Ready Designs

Escape from Nemo's Island
(sell sheet)

(sell sheet)

Defenders of
the Hive
(sell sheet)

Vector Cycles
(sell sheet)

Players have become stranded on Nemo’s Island, where Captain Nemo retired from the world long ago. They must work together to gather Supplies (Food, Water and Fuel) and escape in Nemo’s sub, the Nautillus.

During the game, players can discover Clues about the location of Supplies and Treasures, which can be transported to the Nautilus.

But, Captain Nemo has left a number of traps around the island. If the players stumble onto too many of them, the Volcano on the island erupts and will cover the island in lava.

Players must recover the needed Supplies and escape the island. The player with the most points in Treasures wins.

Be too greedy, and you wont escape, but be too helpful, and someone else will win.

Quartet is a family weight set collection game based around the 4 classical elements: Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Players swap cards from their hand into an ever changing shared tableau to make 4 card sets. Scored cards are placed into the player's Score Pile, and those cards are used at the end of the game to make straights and sets for scoring.

A murder hornet has invaded the hive, and you must build a bee ball to surround and kill the invader. Luckily, the hornet is tired from its long flight and is resting inside the hive.

You and the other bees must construct the bee ball quickly around the sleeping murder hornet. Build it quickly, because if the hornet wakes up, it may escape. and if it escapes the bee ball, THE HIVE WILL BE DESTROYED

The system core at OmniUS, Inc. contains valuable data, and is protected by powerful, chaotic AIs. Hackers (the players), must avoid each other to penetrate the system core, steal the data, and then escape through an access port.

Games in Development

  • 3 2 1 Slam! (Get the Print and Play for Free!): a simple variation on Rock-Paper-Scissors that fits onto a single card.
  • Spaceport (coming soon): Offload the most valuable cargo at a spaceport.
  • SafeMaster (Sell Sheet): Your team of thieves has made off with a fortune to retire on. But, before you scatter, you decide to play a game to decide who is the best at cracking safes.
  • Gather the Night (coming soon): Every night, before dawn, a sky-ship sails across the heavens and gathers up all of the stars and planets before dawn breaks. The players competitively navigate that sky-ship to gather the stuff they want, and score points on what they get.
  • Shell Beach Boom!
  • Deep Dark Dungeon