Game Design

I’ve been designing tabletop games for several years, and have 1 published game and several more designs that are seeking publishers.

Signed/Published Games

Pitch Ready Designs

Vector Cycles
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Bee Ball
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(sell sheet)

The system core at OmniUS, Inc. contains valuable data, and is protected by powerful, chaotic AIs. Hackers (the players), must avoid each other to penetrate the system core, steal the data, and then escape through an access port.

A murder hornet has invaded the hive, and you must build a bee ball to surround and kill the invader. Luckily, the hornet is tired from its long flight and is resting inside the hive.
You and another male bee must construct the bee ball around the sleeping hornet. Whichever bee completes more of a successful bee ball will gain the queen’s favor. But beware: the murder hornet will awaken soon and if it escapes the bee ball, THE HIVE WILL BE DESTROYED.

Quartet is a family weight set collection game based around the 4 classical elements: Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Players swap cards from their hand into an ever changing shared tableau to make 4 card sets. But, players can only score sets on the available Scoring Cards, which change often and fill up quickly.

Games in Development