“He was very helpful with the entire process as I had never dealt with a typesetter before and he had many ideas to help me along the way. Never once did he take the concept of what I wanted away from me, always letting me know more than one way to do a certain thing to make it easier for me as well as to save me time and money. He was very professional and fast in his work, always keeping me updated of the process the entire way.

So I would recommend Ed Wedig for any project you need done.”

Kevin McIntyre, Bedlam Games

“Edward is creative and talented with graphic design. He has demonstrated his agile ability in a variety of publications and on designing websites. Edward worked as part of my team of highly creative and outspoken people and he was always willing to accept input to his design ideas from any member of the team.”

Marilyn Brown, Franklin County Commissioner

“I’ve used Edward for multiple projects, and the work is always top-notch. More importantly, Edward always keeps the lines of communication open and has never missed a deadline.”

Lee Foster, Owner, Abstract Nova

“Ed is very creative and was a hard worker at MORPC who got projects done on time.”

Bill Habig, former Executive Director at MORPC