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Logos and Mastheads that I have designed.

Sea Dog Game Studios logo

Sea Dog Game Studios logoI recently redesigned the Sea Dog Game Studios logo for my friend Brian. The old logo was cute, but he needed something more professional, with a sense of experience. After a couple of rounds of ideas and changes, we finalized on this.

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Horizons Magazine 2005-2007

Horizons Magazine cover

Horizons Magazine interior

In 2005, MORPC decided the make some changes to their Horizons Newsletter. I was part of the team that came up with the idea of moving to a magazine format, so that longer stories could be told.

I came up with the initial layout, designed the masthead, laid out the articles, and managed the text.

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Fudge Dice Bag logo – March 2001

fudgedicebag-large.jpgFunny story about this design:. Grey Ghost Games had asked for ideas for the dice bags they were producing. I spent a few minutes one afternoon, came up with this rough design, and sent it off to GGG. Several other people submitted logo designs, and the designs were discussed heavily on the Grey Ghost e-mail list. After a few weeks, no real decision had been made, and the topic was dropped.
A few months later, at Origins game convention, I stopped by on of the exhibitor’s booths, and found brand new dice bags printed with my design! I was floored, because no one had ever told me that they had used my design (I wasn’t upset). Later that day, I caught up with the Grey Ghost rep and asked about it. Apparently, the information on who designed which logo got lost, and Grey Ghost had to go ahead and print the bags for the con. As it ended up, I got a couple of free bags out of the deal (which I wasn’t expecting), and a cool story for my portfolio.Fudge dice bag

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